The following is applicable to all sales and promotions issued or advertised by Heal Hub Rehabilitation Center.

We apply a strict NO REFUND policy for all treatments/services and service packages.

  • Pre-payment/purchase is required for all treatments/services and service packages.
  • All treatments/services and service packages are valid for 12 months (from the date of purchase) only, unless specified otherwise.
  • Treatments/services and service packages cannot be shared between more than one person or transferred to another service.
  • Once treatments/services and service packages have been availed (in part or in whole), they cannot be refunded, upgraded, downgraded or exchanged for another treatment/service or service package.
  • Promotional offers are for a limited time only and are subject to availability.
  • Heal Hub Rehabilitation Center reserves the right to end a promotional offer or amend pricing at any time without prior notification or advertisement.
  • Promotions or offers may have other terms and conditions not listed here. Please review the specific terms and conditions for promotions or offers before proceeding.
  • Certain treatments/services and service packages may be subject to 5% VAT unless specified otherwise.