About Us

Who Are We

Heal Hub is here to provide a new wave of treatments and services, used together like never seen before. Heal Hub is on a mission to empower as many individuals as possible with a holistic philosophy regarding physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

The general approach to health is divided into singular segmented strata's of specialities. In truth, the body is a multi-faceted and interconnected web of fluctuating variants, and so should be treated as such.

Optimizing yourself for peak performance requires the proper nutrition, fitness, knowledge, support and pre/rehab from true professionals. We are here to push the boundaries of experimentation when it comes to healing and performance whilst using proven traditional treatments.

At Heal Hub we look at the body as a whole - treating it as the complicated and versatile machine it is. No improvement works in a vacuum, success hinges on how you bring it all together to maximize what’s possible.


Why Call ourselves 'Heal Hub'?

Heal Hub is a space to facilitate the extension of our mind set and ethos in how people approach health.

The ‘Heal’ part of the name is self explanatory. Our job is to heal our patients across the board while pushing the limits on how this can be achieved.

We used the word ‘Hub’ in the name as our facility is not a defined space. It is an ever-growing and evolving confluence of ideas, practitioners, theories and inputs into a system. We are building communities and tribes that convene together to share and learn. Hence the ‘Hub’ aspect of the name.

Heal Hub is the place where our communities come together as a tribe and is why we have integrated the compass into our logo design. We are the destination.

The Facility

A 10,000 square foot facility on beach road in Umm Suqeim that overlooks both the pristine waters of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai’s enigmatic skyline.

Not only are we a hop, skip and jump away from sandy shores of Kite Beach, but easily accessible from Sheik Zayed road. We literally are central to Dubai and so never far away.

The facility is divided into the recovery services, workshops and retail on the ground floor.
The first floor is dedicated to our therapists, which will treat patients privately or use the spacious rehab lab.

However the pièce de résistance is being able to work out in our roof top gym while watching the waves hit the shore.

We have plenty of parking available so access is fast and easy.

Our 'Ikigai'

This Japanese concept translates roughly as “the happiness of always being busy”. In essence the reason we jump out of bed in the morning.

Ikigai gives a sense of purpose to each and every day. We found that our motivation was not limited to resolving injuries and ailments, but getting patients to surpass their original baseline and perform even better. This growth has become our Ikigai.

In the process of doing this we have pushed our own boundaries and readdressed some of the conventional perceptions of health. At times this was uncomfortable for us, but we knew this was the only way to break new ground.

In essence our work will never be complete. However our reasons for getting out of bed in the morning will always be clear. We are here to help make you the best version of yourself possible.

Our Mission Guides Our actions

In terms of providing the best service, this is the core philosophy within the business. Treating patients is what we do and one of the most responsible things we can do as a company is to make sure we treat each person with care and foresight.

The single most impactful thing we do is give the freedom of truly living back to our patients. Being in acute or chronic pain can be debilitating. Restrictions and physical ailments prevent us from living our lives to our full potential and creates a cascade of mental and behavioral patterns.

Our aim is to not just get you back up on your feet, but facilitate services that allow your body to smash through the previously thought limits on exercise, longevity, performance and functionality. At Heal Hub, we are committed to helping you reach optimal health and vitality by identifying the unique underlying causes and treating them.

Our Community

Heal Hub was established to promote a genuine and authentic space to promote health in all facets of life. A place where cross fitters, bio hackers, yogis, pregnant mums and weekend warriors could all come together under one banner. We made a place where all these sub cultures can call home.

We are about little sparks of inspiration, providing something of substance and integrity within our little tight knit community. This is our space to find insight within ourselves and between one another.

We will not always all get along or agree. However like all good families, we will resolve our differences and emerge differently in how we feel.

This space is an opportunity to navigate our time surrounded by a health movement shared by like-minded people

• Boost Immune System
• Accelerate Recovery
• Reduce Inflammation
• Improve Cognition
• Increase Energy
• Remove Toxins
• Enhance Longevity
• Improve Sleep Quality
• Help You Achieve Peak Performance